Sunday, January 21, 2007

War and Peace

I LOVE Games so, in almost any situation, i would analogize (if there even is such a word) things in relation to games, whenever possible. And just so happens, this week's "reflection" is possible for me to do such a thing. So, I'll be blogging about both the Next-Gen Console WAR.
Is about one's thoughts afterwards, how it makes one feel, the image it portrays, the message it tells others about the owner's taste.
Nintendo Wii
  • Slim and compact.
  • Traditional Box shaped design.
  • Dull white and grey.
  • Wii-mote looks like a TV remote.
  • Designed to look non-threatening and "friendly" to casual gamers.
  • Games look fun to play using the Wii-mote and the motion-sensing technology.
  • Introduction of a lot of new type of gameplay possibilities with the motion-sensing technology.
  • Relatively weak from a graphical and technical standpoint.
  • People are still rather skeptical about the depth of these games, and might be too gimmicky.
  • Not that many games as of now, as a game system, it delivers the fun, but not really the depth or the variety yet. Maybe this will change in time to come.
  • Lack of online community at this point of time.
  • Says a lot about your self-image in owning one.
  • Willing to embrace innovation and fun.
  • Makes one feel "fresh" and look like their REALLY having fun.
  • Brand loyalty to Nintendo and its direction of reshaping the way people play games.
  • Distinctly different form of gameplay from every other console before it.
  • Great for showing off to casual gamers and non-gamers alike.
is about look and feel, the total experience of using a product - the physical pleasure and effectiveness of use.
Microsoft Xbox 360
  • White, curvy and sexy.
  • Green lights make the console look "cool."


  • As of now, the Xbox is where you get the most game for your buck.
  • Huge library, and quite a handful of AAA titles under its belt already.
  • Games offer both depth, gameplay and variety.
  • Graphically, it is VERY close or even better than the PS3 as of now.
  • You get the biggest and best online community services.
  • This is where the Xbox is the weakest.
  • Lacks the Playstation branding power, the lack of novelty of the Wii,
  • Been out for a year, and the "wow" factor of owning one is long gone, the Xbox 360 has silently infiltrated into the living rooms of gamers around the world... or not, and probably will never.
refer primarily to its intial impact, its appearance.
Sony Playstation 3
  • Black, silver or white.
  • Sleek & Sexy Exterior Design.
  • High-tech look and specs.
  • Graphics of games look gorgeous.


  • Top end specs, makes it the most technically powerful of the 3 next-gen consoles.
  • Additional functions like the Blu-ray player.
  • A graphical processing beast.

BUT... we are talking about a gaming console here. And as a game console, great perfomance = great gameplay experience = great games...

  • Limited and less than satisfying library.
  • Few of which make use of the innovative functions. Perhaps when the bigger titles are released things will change.
  • But as it is, its just quite a "glorified" Blu-ray player.
  • Online community not as established.


  • Playstation branding.
  • Latest Technology.
  • The image portrayed of owning one are that you're a lot about you're a techno-freak or just bloody rich.


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