Friday, January 27, 2006

The GREAT Brainstorming

Topic as above... THE GREAT ONE is currently brainstorming about some ideas for the first assignment, hmm.. board game, card game or dice game, i would guess the most one that the one that gives the most freedom would be board game, since it allow the use of the most kinds of materials... well... nothing solid thought out yet.. but so far these are some ideas that have crossed my mind... wonder if its a wise move to let out my trade secrets here for all to see.. oh well... guess the innovators will always come out with new ideas even if they have their original ones stolen...

Concept #1: Street Racing Board Game

Premise: Simple snakes-and-ladders get to the end point goal makes it easy for all to play.

Well, was kinda inspired by the system that we used to play the mock up of the FPS in class on mon, so was thinking to myself, what if we made something like that, but instead of attempting to capture the feel of a multiplayer shooter on a board, why not we try to do it with a racing game. So movement will probably be in the 3 card move thing, to simulate the 3 actions taken in succession from the perspective of a driver.

Bells and Whistles:
Drawing inspiration from Need for Speed and Gran Tursimo, some of the bonus to include would be to allow players to choose different cars, with different stats, maybe some can travel more spaces at a time, or some can turn more directions at a time or something like that. And to cater to that, the board (a city track probably to capture the street racing feel), can actually feature alternate routes, such as more turns or more straights to take advantage of the different car stats. Event cars can be drawned at the end of each turn or at certain spaces to keep the game interesting, with events like road slicks, or rain, or oncoming traffic.. and of cos, what is a racing game without NITRO.

Balance would definitely be the toughest issue here, how to make sure every car has an equal chance to get to the finish line, how to design the board to cater to the design of the different car types.. my brain is bleeding thinking of this...

Concept #2: Modified D&D

Premise: Work together and/or cooperatively to enter a dungeon and slay a monster...typical

Obviously kinda inspired from D&D, but actually more from this simplified version of it called dungeon that i played with some friends in primary school. One that didn;t require you to build characters or anything like that.. just pick a character and straight into action. For now, the idea is to have different classes try to race against each other in a dungeon to get to a treasure.. in the original game, combat was sorta done with cards and dice, and i thought it was quite a quick way to settle it, without all the tedious calculations, so would probably follow that format.

Bells and Whistles:
Again, variety is key here, different pathways in the dungeon could give access only to certain characters, like a thief can open locked doors all that kinda shit... cool magic cards, lots of monsters to plague the dungeon.. some places/monsters that require players to work together.. others that force them to compete... basically taking the D&D stuff and making it accessible to be played in one sitting...

Definitely, definitely all the different cards required to make.

Concept #3: Fighting Card Game

Premise: Basically a card game to simulate the versus action of a good old streetfighter match

See Magic the Gathering or Pokemon Card Game or something like that. Nothing exceptionally ground breaking, but gives a lot of freedom in how to go about setting the rules and can be played without a board. Really Really sketchy at the moment.

Bells and Whistles:
Lots of cool moves.....Hadouken!!!
Different strategies to cater to different players

5 star difficulty to come up with a balanced system under deadline conditions

Concept #4: Metal Gear Solid Board Game

Premise: Espoinage board game with patrolling guards, players try to sneak past them and infiltrate a base.

Inspired by Metal Gear Ac!d on the PSP, when i saw how they took an action game like MGS and turn it into a card game.. then it struck me that maybe it could be done into a board game as well.. probably with lots of patrolling guards to keep the suspense, and lots of alternate routes to the target...

Bells and Whistles:
Different weapons maybe.. how one player being spotted can draw attention away from the guards and benefit another player... stuff like that...

Simulating AI... who is gonna control the guards? and in what fair manner to allow them to move? the turn it takes for the guards to move...

Yup.. that;s all for now.. lots of the ideas still very sketchy.. guess have to discuss with the gang and see which one they like the most... and if they like any at all for the matter.. another thurs nite.. another entry...


Blogger alex said...

All very interesting ideas...

For concept #1, one thing to think about is how the players interact with each other. If its strictly snakes and ladders style, then they're racing against each other but not really having any effect on each other. Unless the players can interfere with each other's race, ie. ram the other player against the guardrails, or drop an oil slick...

Concept #2 sounds like a lot of work, but could be fun to create.

For Concept #3, definitely a good idea: see here. Its always like that, with any good idea someone else has also thought of it... so you'll just have to make yours better! :P Actually their game sounds very complicated. Something simpler and more fast-paced might be interesting.

Concept #4 is interesting... perhaps the AI could be run using some sort of simple set of rules for how they respond? Worth exploring.

Now you just have to decide which one to develop further...

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